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In the Naha airport, which was big enough to take on several ships at the same time. Access to the airport only passengers and staff, making possible to eliminate the possibility of foreign penetration and sabotage. If earlier it was possible to see the airport only a ticket today to see what is on the runway and another internal site with pictures, live webcam. It is quite close to the landing site, so we can consider not only the ships but also fuel machines, materials and even the lonely traveling staff. Webcam aimed at the building of the airport, she fully embraces it and the terminal for boarding. It is worth saying that the airport is located near the water, vast expanses of which can be estimated in clear weather without fog. The shot goes around the clock in real time. If the day for high-quality picture it is possible to disassemble the territory covered by the objects, the night in the frame is only flashed the lights of landing planes, everything else remains undetected because of the lack of light source. Anyone can turn on the stream, if he wants to see the situation at the airport or weather conditions in the city to shoot free access.

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