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Did you know that in Japan too, there are the ski slopes? When it comes to this country in memory appear in a completely different picture, as, for example, Sakura and gardens surrounded it, but not snow-capped mountains. Ski descent in Osaka, you can now see from your computer screen, thanks there installed a web camera which takes the picture of the clock in real time. Everything you see on the screen, regardless of what in the world are at the moment, is actually now in the descent. If you like to conquer new horizons, traveling the world, enjoying winter sports, and you can not be surprised Austrian resorts, turn on the stream and to assess the benefits of earlier unknown territory. Due to the broadcast you will be able to examine in detail the benefits of vertices in Japan. The territory of the object is well-equipped for sports, besides, this place is very popular with locals, and knowing the nature of the Japanese, it is safe to say, whatever they do, do well. At night, the webcam continues to broadcast a picture, but due to the lack of a powerful light source is difficult in the details object, the rest of the time from sunrise to sunset in front of you new opportunities and new areas to explore.

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