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Osaka, which is located in Japan, covers a vast territory. As in any other country of its streets and buildings designed in the classical manner for this nation. Today anyone has the opportunity, without leaving home, to see how people live in the city, what is their life. Streets lights installed there is a web camera that broadcasts a picture on the entire world in real time. With this device you can see what happens from there. The device operates around the clock, so, anyone have a unique opportunity to observe how changing the rhythm of life in Osaka during the transition to night time. Thanks to a sufficient number of lamps, neon signs, the area of the streets is in full view and with the onset of darkness. It should be noted that this populous city, the streets of which are always lively. Mostly there are local residents, tourists come here, but not as often, because Osaka is not considered a resort destination. Often there are time students, language learners, those who come on a business trip, for friends or relatives. If you want to travel the world, but you don't have time for this, webcam is the perfect means to realize my dream.

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