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Tokyo is famous for its numerous museums. Located in the Ueno Park - the Tokyo National Museum, the country's largest museum, specializing in traditional Japanese art. Here stands the National Museum of Western Art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, which collects collections of Japanese contemporary art, as well as more than 10,000 Japanese and foreign films. In Ueno Park there is also the National Museum of Science and the Municipal Zoo. Other museums include the Nezu Art Museum in Aoyama; The Edo-Tokyo Museum in Sumida Ward across the Sumida River from the center of Tokyo and the National Library of Diets, the National Archives and the National Museum of Modern Art, which are located near the Imperial Palace. Tokyo is also the national center for performing arts. There are many theaters in the city, where traditional forms of Japanese drama are offered (for example, noh and kabuki), as well as modern dramas. Symphonic orchestras and other musical organizations perform Western and traditional music. Tokyo also hosts modern Japanese and Western pop music and rock music. You should get acquainted with the Kabuki-te district, which is now broadcast on the network through a web camera lens. Presented broadcast is available online.

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