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Who has not dreamed to see the moon and some even to go there, but alas, this is only possible if you're an astronaut or work for the center for the study of the cosmos. Actually, really it was once, but now see the surface of the moon with a Japanese companion can be anyone, enough to find free time. to view and your computer broadcast. The picture served online around the clock, to activate the video only need to connect the device to the Internet. This is a unique opportunity to see in real time how the planet looks like, what features of the landscape on its surface. Of course, to cover the entire planet, the satellite can not, his lens focused on one side of the moon, but the video changes over time, because the camera is moving and the planet too. When looking at this lifeless space understand that humanity got one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy. You will have enough time to study the moon, the stream does not stop for a second, if you look closely you can see small craters and the mountains and the riverbed left behind by unknown man-made objects or phenomena. The satellite transmission is available to any user on the network, regardless of your geographic location, you can activate a video at any convenient time. If necessary, the player can expand the video to full screen, so objects in the frame become larger and easier to consider.

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