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Despite the fact that in Japan not many natural resources the country has learned to live at the expense of purchases from other States on its territory the most flourishing of the modern city and all thanks to the diligence of the Japanese. One of the most beautiful cities is Tokyo, not only because the metropolis is an almost completely automated system, but also because the Japanese are accustomed to constantly improve everything around him, including the surrounding space. An unforgettable experience is awaiting any tourist coming to Tokyo, the most beautiful views are after dark from the roofs and upper floors of skyscrapers. Trip to Tokyo costs quite expensive, so not every traveler can afford such a luxury, but now any network user can view the panorama of the city. In one of the skyscrapers has installed a webcam that broadcasts the picture of the clock in real time. Such opportunities allow anyone regardless of his financial position and health see distant and unfamiliar country. Becomes especially beautiful after sunset, when the buildings included hundreds of neon lights. The city begins to play a variety of colors, from this sight it is difficult to compare with anything. Day you can through the Webcams to see weather conditions in the city, furthermore, is an opportunity to see the architectural features of modern Japanese cities, to assess the large number of buildings, population of the territory. In the frame of live pictures gets a few of the major areas of Tokyo, the sky and a vast area in front, where there are houses, but to consider them because of the distance becomes very difficult.

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