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In the 20th century, Japan's economy began to revive, and by 1966 she was ranked second in the world. The main proof that the country was on a new, more confident way of development were the Olympic games held in 1964. Since 70 –ies in Tokyo began to arrive, people in search of work, it has become a new impetus for the development of the city. For all time of existence of Tokyo is always acutely the question was regarding seismic activity in the area, that's why not seldom came the discussion about how to move the capital to another place. Several cities hundreds of kilometers away from Tokyo were the main contenders for this title. Even received government approval for the transfer of the capital, but then the conversation yet it never came. The most beautiful sight – a panoramic view of the city, when in front of you at a glance appear buildings and structures erected by man for hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Tokyo today we can confidently call a modern object, it is modernized and most advanced metropolis on the territory of which mankind has skillfully combined all the achievements of scientific progress. To see the view from the height there is no need to come to the city, just turn on your computer broadcasting from a web camera installed on site. the device operates around the clock, day and night shooting does not stop, and the city appears to the user in different colors. It is worth saying that even today, the city's development has not stopped, it is impossible not to notice, if you look at a topographical map a decade ago and modern.

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