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Tokyo – a huge, modernised metropolis, within which people are constantly moving stream of traffic endless, and therefore the city is characterized by a huge number of traffic. Despite the fact that the government in Tokyo made the bias to use technical progress in all that concerns the life of the locals, the densely populated city is doing its job. Cross the road with the ever-moving stream of cars would be difficult, if not established in the territory of trails pedestrian crossings. Now you, like any user of the Internet. Can see Tokyo and to assess, though a small, but important part of it. To satisfy the interest of people in other countries and to attract more tourists, the city has established a web-chamber, a stream which is fed into the grid in real time. All incoming operational information, all that you see on the screen in the same minute at the other end of the planet. Webcam installed here, the perfect way to see what the city looks like what's happening on the streets. The device operates in real time around the clock, even after dark, the picture quality does not change due to the large amount of neon lighting. Tokyo at night – a sight that is worthy of your attention.

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