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Tokyo is one of the Metropolitan cities, which is not only densely populated but also attracts huge opportunities. If you ever were here, I dare say that I will never forget the trip and impressions. But it's okay if you had the opportunity to visit Tokyo and to enjoy his gifts, but what about those who all life dreamed to go there but didn't know how to focus your free time on the trip. For these users the Internet was launched online stream of skyscrapers in the district of Shibuya. Here we installed a webcam, which is free, you only need to connect to the Internet and have a device that will show a picture. Stream going round the clock and unlike other cities in most countries, which also covers devices, there is enough light to be able to talk about qualitative shooting at night. A day in the city all the busy work and on the streets, the constant movement of vehicles and pedestrians, but with nightfall begins a completely different life and the picture in the frame changes drastically. Skyscrapers and nearby buildings are on fire unthinkable amount of light, begin to work huge television screens, the impression that you find yourself in a completely different, unfamiliar world. The device is installed so that you could consider in detail the structure and to estimate their scale, the uniqueness of the building. The webcam takes a picture in real time, so you always have timely information about what is happening in the illuminated area.

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