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Japan has beautiful green country on the territory of which are modern city, characterized by a high level of progress, take for example Tokyo. Amazing city, people from all over the world come here only in order to see how the locals learned to use the innovations in their favor. Around the cities preserved nature of the island, watch for it and try to maintain the environment that people had the opportunity to go on an active vacation, to enjoy the fresh air, spending time in Hiking. The best way to appreciate the landscape around Tokyo from a bird's eye, but not every tourist is available such opportunities, so this webcam attracted so much attention. The device gives the overview on the area around Tokyo, which allows you to see and a small part of the city, and green area and views of the river Tama. In its uniqueness it's really a beautiful view, to abandon watching the broadcast is not worth it, especially since it offers any user on the network absolutely free, no matter what country you are in. In the summer, when greens are especially different brightness, with the height it stands in sharp contrast to the water surface of the river. Lens camera covers a huge area, the shot fall even the mountains far from the city. Webcam working around the clock, online, to connect you need to have your device and a good connection to the Internet. On the device there is no night mode, so it's best to study the video after daybreak, and for this, consider the time zone. The player has the ability to increase video to full computer screen, so you can further explore in detail the area around the city.

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