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Edo became the de facto capital of Japan even while the Emperor lived in Kyoto the Imperial capital. During this time the city enjoyed a long period of peace known as "pax Tokugawa", and in the presence of such peace Edo adopted a stringent policy of seclusion which helped to perpetuate the lack of serious military threat. The lack of destruction caused by the war, allowed Edo to devote most of its resources rebuilding after successive fires, earthquakes and other devastating natural disasters that plagued the city. However, this prolonged period of seclusion came to an end with the arrival of American Commodore in 1853. Agreed to open the ports of Shimoda and Hakodate, leading to an increase in demand for new foreign goods and the subsequent sharp rise in inflation. Social unrest caused by these higher prices, ended large-scale riots and demonstrations in the form of a "defeat" of Fig. Meanwhile, supporters of the Emperor Meiji took advantage of the fact that these widespread rebellious demonstrations were made to further consolidate power by overthrowing last Tokugawa shogun, Yoshinobu, in 1867. if you are interested in town be sure to look at the view from the cockpit of the train. Online stream is sure to interest you.

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