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Is to make a small excursion into the history of Tokyo, to understand when and how to start to develop it. The first settlers in its territory was still in the stone age, but the active role the city played not so long ago. In the 12th century there was built the Fort, the fight for which, and the land lasted between clans for a long time. After 1615, the city made a sudden and big jump in development, about 250 years the area not only grew but flourished, by the 18th century, Tokyo had become one of the largest shopping centers and is with that and a pretty big city. In the 19th century it was again replaced the Board and began to develop industry, and then the structure of the courts came to a completely different level. In 1872 he built the railroad, which allowed us to connect the message to a few major cities. One disadvantage of this area is the movement of the earth, or rather the earthquakes, one of which in 1923 had destroyed half of the city, then the number of victims amounted to 90 thousand people, but it did not prevent to restore Tokyo and today we see before us a perfect and one of the largest modernized metropolis. The traffic on the streets are always busy, not just with bus and road transport, but also pedestrians who have learned to work around many kilometers of traffic jams due to the use of bicycles and motorcycles. See for yourself in traffic don't need to buy a ticket for travel into the city, enough to connect your computer to the Internet and start the stream from the web camera installed on one of the skyscrapers. The picture good view of the road, the sidewalks, the nearest building in sight of the camera. web camera provides, the picture is served in real-time, even after dark, the camera does not stop working. Due to the fact that on the territory of the city active thousands of neon signs, and the road then machines allows to cover all the territory under the camera, the lack of night mode, the device does not interfere with broadcast to the whole world of high quality and clear video of traffic on the streets.

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