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Each continent possesses wild beauty, rugged mountains, smooth green hills, rainforests, all that nature gave man to enjoy her gifts. Japan is among those countries where people do not often come to rest, the harsh nature of the local nature known to all and from the island scare regular earthquakes and other disasters. If not for this fact, Japan would be a perfect place to spend amazing holiday. To see the beauty of the local nature of today without leaving the house, it's enough to have a computer or any other device capable of reproducing a video signal. With broadcast on this page of our resource you can enjoy views of the Peninsula Sadamisaki. Before you open an extraordinary entertainment picture when you activate the video. The camera lens is installed at the height of bird's flight, hence the web camera covers one part of the island completely. In the frame you can see mountains, sky, water surface. we can not see with what force the waves beat on the rocky shore of the island, raising white foam. The beautiful paintings appear in front of the user at the time of sunset and sunrise. The webcam works around the clock, but after dark to consider the object will be difficult. The device does not have night shot mode. So for watching video is necessary to consider the time zone in which you live Japan. To watch the broadcast, anyone can network online, it is not limited by time or geographical limitations.

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