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Yokohama - the city and port, the capital of Kanagawa ken. The second most populous city in the country, it is an important component of the metropolitan area of ​​Tokyo-Yokohama, the largest urban metropolitan area in Japan. Yokohama is located on the west coast of the Tokyo Bay, about 20 miles (32 km) southwest of Tokyo. Today its central part is the main industrial facility, which lies between two large megacities. Yokohama stands on the coastal plain, closed by hills, one of which ends to the southeast in the cape called Cape Hommocku. The climate is mild in winter and hot and humid in summer. Early summer and early autumn are rainy seasons; Typhoons often strike in September. Centuries ago, Yokohama was only a small fishing village when, in 1854, Matthew S. Perry arrived with his fleet of US warships in the harbor of the nearby town of Kanagawa. Five years later, Kanagawa was designated the first port of Japan in accordance with the Harris Treaty (1858), where foreigners could live and trade. However, Kanagawa was an important post station on Tōkaidō, the main road to the east of Japan. At that time, the Japanese government did not want foreigners to have access to it. Instead, it established a port in Yokohama, which was isolated from the highway and had a deep-sea harbor. Yokohama was destroyed by the great Tokyo-Yokohama earthquake and the subsequent fire in September 1923, which killed about 20,000 people. The city was rebuilt quickly, and the north-western region turned into a large industrial zone. The web camera allows you to see the modern central part of the city and appreciate in real time its sights and architecture features.

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