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Yokohama is a seaport with the code JPYOK. It is located in Japan, in the Tokyo Bay. To the north of this port there are two more ports: Kawasaki and Tokyo. The port is equipped with 9 main berths. The Honmoku pier is the most important facility and has 24 berths. The Ōsanbasahi berth handles passenger transportation and cruise ships. There is also a customs facility and quarantine. Detamachi is also known as the "banana pier" because it takes fresh vegetables and fruits. Pier Daykoku is located on an artificial island of 321 hectares. There are warehouses with a total area of ​​one million m2. There are 7 berths in the pier of Mizuho. It is used by American forces stationed in Japan. The remaining berths are responsible for the transportation of timber, in particular. In 1923 the port was destroyed as a result of a large earthquake. The Yokohama Port continued to grow in the 1990s. In 1990, Yokohama established an office in Seoul, Korea. The Daikoku jetty was completed, and the Minami Honmoku peak was launched in the same year. In 1991, the Marine Terminal was completed. In 1992, an air cargo terminal was opened in Yokohama, and the International Truck Center "Yokohama" was established. The view of the seaport opens with the web camera installed there. It should be said that the work began on the island of Yokohama Hakkeijima in 1993. This year, the Yokohama Port handled more than 2 million TEU of containerized cargo, and the International Passenger Terminal of the Yokohama Port was opened. In 1996, Yokohama's sea cargo center and Marina Yokohama Bayside opened. The first in Japan deep-water container with a high standard was opened in 2001 at the pier of Mino Honmoku. In 2002, the International Passenger Terminal New Yokohama opened for business. In 2004, Japan appointed the port of Yokohama as the "port of a super hub". You can see and appreciate the port through a high-quality web camera lens. Broadcast from it is sent to the network around the clock in real time.

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