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About webcam "The 14-th district" in the city Aktau

Aktau is characterized by a cold desert climate, with dry summers and mild winters, with average January temperature of 0.5 ° C (32,9 ° F) and average July temperature of 25.55 ° C (of 77.99 ° F). It is noteworthy that a large part of Aktau city is below sea level in the Caspian basin and is located near the lowest point of Kazakhstan and the former Soviet Union in Karagiye. The beach season lasts from may to September with average sea temperature of 21 ° C (70 ° F). Aktau has both rocky hills and sandy beaches along the coast. There are several modern resorts on the coast South of the city. The beaches of the Caspian sea coast is popular in summer because of the hot climate season. Tourists come mainly from other parts of Kazakhstan. In the city there are plenty of local hotels and Western chains of the Renaissance and holiday Inn. The modern city has retained its own climate, but the appearance changes every year. today you can see the 14-th district through the computer in real time. The webcam delivers the online broadcast around the clock and opens up the possibility to explore the city remotely.

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