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The name Almaty has its roots in the medieval village of Almata, which existed near the modern city. Controversial theory claims that the name comes from the Kazakh word "apple" (diamond) and is often translated as "full apple". There is a huge genetic diversity among wild apples in the region surrounding Almaty, the region is considered the birthplace of the ancestors of the apple. Wild Malus sieversii is considered a likely candidate for the ancestor of the modern domestic apple. The name of the city was written as آلماتی in Turkish and Persian, written with a person-Arabic font. In the 1000-900's. BC. In the Bronze Age, the first farmers and herders established settlements on the territory of Almaty. During the Saki period (from 700 BC to the beginning of the Christian era), these lands were occupied by the Saka tribes and later by Wusong, who lived on the territory north of the Tien-Shan mountain range. Evidence of these times can be found in numerous mounds and ancient settlements, especially in the giant barrows of the Saka kings. The most famous archaeological finds were the "Golden Man", also known as the "Golden Warrior", from Issyk-Kurgan, the treasures of Zhalaula, the Kargala diadem and bronze products of Zhetysu (boilers, lamps and altars). During the rule of Saki and Uzun, Almaty became the center of early education. From a height to a mountain valley, an amazing view opens, which is now accessible to everyone through the lens of the web camera installed there.

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