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The Bogdanovich glacier is the largest in the junction of the Small Almaty and Komsomolsk spurs, refers to the type of valley and has a length of open part is about 3 km from the Glacier is the Northern exposure of the ridge connecting the peaks of Amangeldy in the West and Carlito in the East. The glacier consists of two branches. The main one (right) starts from the North skladov ice domed tops, Carlito and from the Western slopes of the tops of the Komsomol. In this cell are glacier passes of the Komsomol (2A), Panfilov Heroes (2A), Teacher (1B). The left branch of the glacier flows from the Northwest slopes of the peaks of Amangeldy and closes lane pioneer (1B). In the middle of the currents of both branches of the glacier unite, and give the origins of the R. Kuruksay.

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