Webcam Hithaadhoo - A beautiful sandy spit at Kuredu

See on webcam A beautiful sandy spit at Kuredu and watch the weather in Hithaadhoo

Веб камера Мальдивы Красивая песчаная коса в отеле Kuredu

About webcam "A beautiful sandy spit at Kuredu" in Hithaadhoo

Kuredu is situated on the main communication line of the capital Islands second city of the Maldives. You reach the impressive building, driving the road along the Atoll, crossing the dam bordering the beaches. Everywhere scattered, lonely trees that add to the exotic local scenery. The journey takes you North, bent around the lagoon and ending shortly before the road will end at the reef. The hotel has new rooms, all with bathroom, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and enough space for the swing of coconut. The Guesthouse has its own restaurant, Laundry facilities and experienced local staff who can't wait to show you why the Atoll is known as the heart of the Maldives. Can not please a beautiful sandy spit at Kuredu, which are actively transmitted through the lens is installed there is a web camera. online video in real time available to anyone.

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