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Cheaper than in Seoul, and with a more relaxed coastal atmosphere, Busan is the second popular place for many visitors to South Korea, but some insist that this is a major South Korean city. The coast with sandy beaches is just one of the attractions of Busan, who earned a reputation as the capital of the capital of the country. Busan is a modern city and lacks the historical attractions. This is not the place to explore the past. This is a futuristic sub-capital of South Korea, which builds the way for the future and mixes business with pleasure in an intriguing and unique way. its main advantages were and still are the beaches, that they kept the local economy. In the busiest summer days, it seems that the entire population of South Korea decided to go to Haeundae, because it is the most popular place for summer holidays. here you can easily find health resorts and miles of beach area. To see the coast through the stream on this page, which comes with web cameras around the clock online. More relaxed, less crowded version of the Haeundae beach is achieved thanks to its own dedicated metro station (Geumnyeonsan) facing the giant of the Grand Gwangan bridge, which is dramatically lit at night. Less expensive hotels and beach concessions attract a casual crowd to this area.

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