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Located just 3 km from downtown Busan, the beach is a popular destination for residents in the summer. It was opened in 1913 as the first official beach in Korea. The beach was named "Songdo" (meaning "Isle of pines") with respect to its bordering groves of pine trees. The beach began to gain popularity in the 1960-ies for the graceful shoreline, but was damaged by frequent hurricanes and subsequent loss of sand. Since 2000, he underwent a comprehensive five-year renovation and reopened with restored and enhanced shorelines and the addition of several fountains. The beach is especially loved for its romantic view of the summer night and is host to the popular festival in Busan, as well as singers in Jeanine. Nearby attractions include the famous seafood market in Busan Agalta and Park AMT. Look at the object through the lens of the installed webcam. video is available online.

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