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The territory of Asia has a peculiar, but in its own way amazing nature. If a few decades ago to enjoy the landscape and beauty it was necessary to fly into the country, then today it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to have access to the Internet and a device through which you will watch the broadcast. Seoul is a big city, it is under constant development, it’s not so easy to see it from a bird's eye view, amazing landscapes are opening from the window of an airplane, but it was just before, today we offer you an online broadcast.

The panorama from the Namsan tower is a huge area covered by a small webcam lens. The device works around the clock, so the user can activate the broadcast at any time convenient for him. Unfortunately, the webcam does not have a night mode, but from this distance from the city in any case you can only see the big picture. During the day, the user as a whole assesses the scale of the development, the general architecture and the surrounding area, at night you can only peer into the dark screen and the numerous lights of the city.

The large removal of the webcam affected the quality of the shooting, the city seemed a bit blurred, the roads were not visible and the buildings could not be estimated separately. Huge spaces appear before the user, who decided to see Seoul from the perspective camera, for general development the device is of additional benefit, it can help you explore the world around you, even those areas where you never go in real life.

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