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It's time to go to the vastness of an entirely different side on the other side of the world. Thailand beckons with its extraordinary stories and sometimes offers quite interesting observations, but not always it is possible to find interesting and interesting cameras. But today you will have the opportunity to go to the city of Samui, where the camera is located, which belongs to the owner of the restaurant GALAXY. The camera is located strictly above the entrance to the restaurant and its review allows you to watch the street, which is located near the restaurant. Immediately it is worth noting that there is not much pleasant here, but the webcam is designed to show what exactly is hiding in the back streets of the city.

Now you can see the true life in this city. Yes, the central streets are full of colors and unusual surroundings, they are clean and pleasant. But a simple example of a road that does not lead to and from the center. You can see the modest design of storefronts, some establishments immediately offer far from the most decent services, which is already talking about the general situation. Everywhere you can see trash bags, drips and stray homeless dogs. Yes, at certain intervals there is a large number of people who are hurrying on business and try not to stay long in one place. Therefore, especially to see their emotions you will not succeed, especially given that some are moving on scooters.

But if you look in the evening, you can see the holiday companies that have fun. Though alcohol does not bring much to good, but sometimes it makes people just have fun and enjoy emotions. It remains only to find free time and try to achieve a good result in terms of getting new emotions. Sometimes even such places can give emotions that are difficult to find in the paradise corners of the world. Enjoy watching!

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