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Tour operators have some of the most sought-after holiday destinations that diverge in the beach season like hot cakes on the market. Among the countries where comfortable rest is relatively cheap, Turkey is included. This is a country that has something to attract its own tourists from all over the world, besides the color and wonderful cuisine here you can find amazing landscapes, a huge number of souvenirs, clean beaches and comfortable hotels.

Due to the fact that tourism brings to the treasury of the state no small funds, the government of the country has taken care to ensure that people receive everything necessary for quality rest in Turkey. The hotels have an all-inclusive program, order and peace are reigning on the beaches, and high-quality infrastructure has been created. Here you will be offered for free, and a sun lounger and umbrella from the scorching sun, and just a few steps away you can taste the local cuisine or sip a refreshing cocktail. Rest in the country is always unforgettable, people are benevolent here, but like in any place in the world there are their own pitfalls.

In order to properly assess the territory of the country, we advise you to make a virtual journey and see Cleopatra's beach with your own eyes in order to understand whether this is the place on the map where you would like to spend your vacation. The webcam is installed in such a way that it captures not only the watery surface with sand, but also the surrounding buildings. The camera can be viewed anywhere in the world, live broadcast is served around the clock, in the frame a lot that attracts the attention of the modern network user. At night, the broadcast continues, but it becomes difficult to see something, so we advise you to study the object after sunrise.

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