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Pedestrian promenade in Izmir is not just one of the attractions of the city, this is the place where you want to be sure to go if you are going to visit the city. Here every night and often by day, crowds of people to enjoy Hiking near the sea, breathe fresh air and spend pleasant time in a quiet atmosphere. The pedestrian promenade, equipped with all the necessary facilities and means required under benches in large numbers, ready to receive tired and dustbins, which will lower paper and other debris, that's why there are always very clean. Generally in Turkey, as in any resort of the country, except for the period of complicated modern relationships, strictly monitor the cleanliness and convenience. This is done to ensure that after the holidays people wanted to come back here.

If you've never been here, but want to pre-view the object and assess its benefits, turn on the webcam and enjoy round-the-clock picture supplied in real time. You have a unique opportunity not only to thoroughly inspect the object, but also to understand the way of entrance to it, determine weather conditions. At night work the web camera is complicated due to the lack of sufficient light, so it is better to learn the promenade after in the country the sun came up.

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