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Izmir tourist town, so not in all its parts reigns serenity, there are areas where the traffic flow does not dry out and you can verify this by enabling the web camera. Busy streets are constantly being completed, being built not only houses, but roads, shops and more. The device covers only part of one of these streets in the city centre. As the blood in human arteries, vehicles on the streets of Izmir are moving perennial stream. It's a good tool for those who are going to travel by rented transport. In the illustrative example, we can see not only the quality of roads and direction of traffic, but also to observe when traffic jams occur, how long do they last and at what rate is used here to ride. If you look closely, in Izmir, two three-lane roads with one traffic direction, the left the cars are moving in three rows on the camera, and right opposite from it. It is necessary to create the percentage on the track of the tube during peak hours will be mitigated, who wants to arrive on vacation and spend half a day in the heat.

Webcam working around the clock in real time, so it is a great help for those who want to know in advance the situation on the road. In nighttime visible burning lights, shop lights and headlights from oncoming traffic, but this is enough to understand how the city comes alive at night.

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