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Lozan Square in Izmir - a small object in the center of which is an architectural structure. Around the square there is always active movement not only of transport, but also of people. The webcam installed here perfectly covers the territory of the object, as well as the residential area in front, dominated by high-rise buildings. Around the monument of architecture is a ring road for transport, however, this is the area in question. There are small parking lots for cars, flowerbeds, and the monument itself turns into a fountain in the evening. You can come here when you really want to hide from the summer heat, however, the beach holiday in Turkey is perfectly developed, so it’s better to see the square, take a few pictures and go to the sea. If you look closely, people in Izmir lead a measured way of life, moving in large masses, but not in a hurry.

A webcam that allows you to see the picture in real time, works around the clock, at night the square starts to play with completely different colors, it is worth seeing if you have never been to a country and you don’t know if you will ever visit.

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