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Live cameras in Albania. Live webcams Albania online Albania. Albania is a major tourist destination, but this does not mean that its territory is not something to see. As in any other country, in Albania there are sights to see that today not only coming here to visit, but on the screen of your own computer in real time. Web camera with live broadcasts from cities across the country can look online everyone who has connected to the Internet. Cameras work around the clock, they are aimed at the building. Areas, cultural sights and even allow you to see some of them from the height of bird flight. This virtual tour will allow you to efficiently prepare for the real you will be able to see the nature and the architecture of its cities and will already know what to expect from Albania. There are a lot of fascinating facts, for example, Albania one of the countries where the athletes have never won any medals at the Olympics. And you will not find anywhere else on its territory McDonalds, American culture is not caught, but the local restaurants will surprise you with well-cooked national food. When you arrive in the country don't be surprised peek-a-Boo from under ground structures, in the 67th year there have been declared a total bunkerization. Now, in case of war, the people of the country have places to hide. Throughout the territory of Albania was built around 700 thousand bunkers. If to speak about the economic development of the country, it is at the end of the list. Poverty has indeed become a scourge of the modern state and it must be remembered, as that live here are atheists, people who do not believe neither in one God, which is mentioned in different cultures.

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