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The main area of Illyria, which is located in the Albanian town of Durres, a place where people frequently spend their time. Its architecture is quite different from the familiar to us. Everything here seems the same, only the densely planted palm trees stand out among the beige brick tiles. Despite regular strong heat, places to hide from the scorching sun in the square a little, but it does not bother the locals, but as tourists. Webcam installed, allows more detail to be viewed from a bird's eye overall design. The device operates around the clock and broadcasts a picture in real time. Thanks to a web camera you can learn what is happening in the square, how many there are collected people. Web Cam captures not only the site but also nearby structures which are also expressed in medieval architecture. Just do Albania – a country where buildings of modern type, the ones that line up perfectly fit into the overall atmosphere. If you look at the area of Illyria, it becomes clear how the design approach of local architects is different from other countries. Web camera is a unique assistant for those who understands the art of construction and would like to use a variety of styles. Thanks to the device, you journey to a different country in just a few hours and at no cost, just to have access to the Internet and a device through which we can derive a picture.

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