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The official year of foundation of Vitebsk is 974, based on an anachronistic legend that it was founded by Olga of Kiev, the first mention in the historical chronicle - from 1021, when Yaroslav the Wise from Kiev gave it to Prince Polotsky Bryachislav Izyaslavich. In the XII and XIII centuries, Vitebsk was the capital of the principality of Vitebsk, the principality, which flourished at the crossroads of the river routes between the Baltic and Black Seas. In 1320 the city was included in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as a dower of the princess Mary, the first wife of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas. By 1351 the city erected a stone upper and lower castle, a princely palace. In 1410 Vitebsk participated in the battle of Grunwald, and in 1597 the citizens of Vitebsk received privileges with the rights of Magdeburg, but the rights were selected in 1623 after the citizens rebelled against the imposed Union of Brest and killed Archbishop Josaphat Kuntsevich. The city was almost completely destroyed in 1708 during the Great Northern War. During the First partition of Poland in 1772 he was annexed to the Russian Empire. In the Russian Empire, the historic center of Vitebsk was rebuilt in a neoclassical style. In the Second World War in Vitebsk there was a significant Jewish population: according to the Russian census of 1897, out of a total population of 65,900 people, Jews amounted to 34,400 people (about 52%). The most famous artist was Marc Chagall. You can see the famous city through a web camera lens, which covers the intersection of Chkalov and the Warriors-Internationalists. Live webcast is available to everyone around the clock.

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