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Vitebsk is a city in Belarus. In the capital of the Vitebsk region in 2004 there were 342 381 people, which made it possible to become the fourth largest city in the country. It is served by Vitebsk East Airport and Vitebsk Air Base. Vitebsk has turned from a river port, where the Vitba river flows into the great Western Dvina. Archaeological studies show that at the mouth of Vitba there were settlements of the Baltic tribes, which were replaced in the IX century by the Slavic tribes of Krivichi. According to the "Chronicle of Michael Brigandine" (1760), Vitebsk was founded by Princess Olga of Kiev in 974. Other versions indicate 947 or 914. Academician Boris Rybakov historian Leonid Alekseev, based on the annals, came to the conclusion that in 947 Vitebsk could create a princess Olga of Kiev. Leonid Alekseev suggested that the chroniclers who transferred the date from the account of the Byzantine era to the new era received the year 947, but later mistakenly wrote in a copy in the manuscript 974. An important place on the trading route from the Varangians to the Greeks had a settlement, by the end of the 12th century Vitebsk became the center trade, became the center of an independent principality, after Polotsk, Smolensk and Kiev princes. The city has a truly rich history, but today you can get to know it remotely. Web camera with this broadcast goes to the intersection of avenues of Moscow and Victory. Broadcasting is available around the clock on-line and is available to everyone.

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