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Live cameras in Belgium. Live webcams Belgium online Belgium. Belgium is known worldwide for its chocolate, which is produced here in huge quantities, and she could argue with the Czech Republic for the right best country for the production of beer. You will not believe, but the sale of about 800 types of this drink. Almost everyone in the country drinks beer and drink it for a year about 150 liters, which is not so little. Some of the tourists here are attracted by the opportunity to unburden himself in a nice bar serving real beer. Most of them are set inside the webcam broadcast live which come to the Internet. Watch camera can be anyone, enough to have a good network connection. Online you can see not only the decoration of the local institutions, but also the streets, their kind from height of bird's flight, attractions, institutions and more, that will enable you to form your own opinion about the country and its people. Of course, a virtual tour cannot replace real sensations, but through it you could plan a trip to the country, to see the political and weather situation and to obtain plenty of useful information for the future. There are other facts about this country that you cannot learn from the broadcasts, for example, it legalized on its territory euthanasia, and then the least number of U.S. McDonald's, if you take for comparison with other European countries. Don't be surprised and be prepared for the fact that in Belgium perfectly legal same-sex marriages, as well as the ability to carry cannabis, but no more than three grams and not before the person reaches the age of majority. In General, the Belgian government is very loyal to its citizens and gladly gives citizenship to foreigners, this is something to ponder.

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