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If you like our suggestions regarding the observation sites of individual camps Artek, then we have good news for you. It lies in the fact that now you can use Artek's webcam: Mountain camp in the city Gurzuf Crimea . This is a fairly modern place that is able to give not only positive emotions, but also just new impressions. The fact is that this camp is the most modern, unusual and is at a height. All this allows you to enjoy not only its architecture, but also a rather pleasant background. True, there is one small and unpleasant nuance - fog is often observed in this area, which can spoil the impression a bit. But this happens very rarely.

Among the details available in Artek’s webcam: Mountain Camp in Gurzuf Crimea you can mark a beautiful background . As we have already noted above, the camp is at a height, which means that you can carefully watch the mountainous area behind it without any problems. The architecture of the camp itself allows you to experience the modernity and beauty of all facilities. Separately, I would like to note the slight presence of various plants that nicely complement the whole environment.

Watch Artek’s webcam: Camp Mountain in Gurzuf Crimea is best during the day days. During this period, you can easily see the increased activity of visitors, enjoy good lighting and just get a whole charge of positive emotions. One should not waste time and simply start an observation that will definitely result in something more than just emotions. Enjoy watching!

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