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We do not often add completely new cameras, the lens of which shows a small part of the territory. But users are happy to spend time and use these cameras for personal pastime. Therefore, we did not hesitate and added Artek's webcam: Morskoy camp in Gurzuf Crimea. Now you will have the opportunity to experience a piece of a beautiful and pleasant camp, which is often visited by children. The camera will not show the entire available territory, but even a small area is enough to feel the atmosphere of this place.

Artek’s webcam: Camp Marine in the city Gurzuf Crimea has a number of interesting details for which should pay attention. For example, the lens is aimed exclusively at the pedestrian zone, which children often walk on. On the left you can see a small lawn with stones, most likely they serve as a decorative ornament. On the right you can see a small park, which is not only well-kept, but also has a rather beautiful well-groomed appearance. Particular attention should be paid to the wall with a caricature that perfectly complements the picture and allows you to enjoy the original atmosphere.

Watch Artek’s webcam: Morskoy camp in Gurzuf Crimea is possible at any time, but we still recommend doing this in the daytime. There is lighting here, but it cannot convey the atmosphere of this magical place during the twilight period. It remains only to wish all the best and enjoyable viewing!

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