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Embankment of the Black sea is located in Sudak, one of the few that is not just a perfect fit for vacationers, but also very beautiful. It passes behind the beach area, and right behind it there is a cafe, so there is no need to waste time coming home for lunch. There are a huge number of shops along the entire length, is always very clean and there are souvenir shops. Webcam installed here covers not only the waterfront, but the beach. It is clearly seen that in its territory there is all necessary for rest, including sun loungers and sun umbrellas. Moreover, the picture supplied from the web camera transmits a Cape in the background. The device not only helps to estimate the possibilities of this place, but also learn what there is now weather. The webcam works in real time, with her visible and the workload of the beach and wave height and amount of clouds in the sky. At night the visibility is minimal, because directional point light source, covering the waterfront completely, no. During the dawn you can see an unforgettable sight than is used by many users.

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