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Municipal garden in the town of Sudak is a truly extraordinary spectacle that pleases architecture, green spaces and smooth surface paving areas. Here like to spend time not only locals on the weekend, but visitors who are happy to take photos and share them on the network. Webcam installed, covers the driveway and the entrance to the garden, which is originally designed by the city architect. Small columns, staircase and mosaic in the centre, somewhat similar to arena, but this is not the main advantage of this facility in the city. People come here to enjoy the fresh air, cool in the shade of the trees. The web camera transmits the image in real time, but in night it becomes difficult to see anything due to the lack of a bright light source. The picture can be viewed from anywhere on the planet, enough to have Internet access and good speed. Thanks to a web camera you can estimate your garden space and decide for yourself whether you want to spend your time to explore this place better.

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