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Croatia is a wonderful country that draws the attention of many and offers much more diverse and interesting places for close observation. Today you have a great opportunity to go to the city of Becar and visit the embankment. Of course, it will be necessary to do this not in reality, but simply with the help of our new special camera, which, in real time mode, will simply allow you to enjoy pleasant views and beauties. It's enough just to join the broadcast and you will see a beautiful view of the embankment, which is limited to several interesting details, but has a nice view of the town itself with its original architecture.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the availability of a special place to relax right at the waterfront. It is in this place that there is a pair of lampposts and benches that allow residents to simply settle in and enjoy a pleasant sight. And if you carefully watch this place, perhaps you will find dreaming people or lovers couples. In general, the atmosphere of the place will be wonderful, especially when there are yachts and small pleasure boats nearby.

Perfectly complements this picture of the view of the city, which is located directly on the edge of the bay and offers a glimpse of a vivid and almost identical architecture. Bright walls and colorful bright roofs together with a close building, add the opportunity to actively use a variety of interesting and imaginative. After all, this piece of civilization fits perfectly into the overall landscape, so it's definitely not worth to miss it. We suggest you not to lose time, to be more comfortable to settle down and just silently to observe, the sensations will be inexpressible. We wish you pleasant viewing and excellent mood!

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