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We continue to actively travel to the most diverse and interesting cities in Croatia. This time we will be pleasantly surprised by Benkovac - a small town with the usual architecture, clean streets and just a pleasant atmosphere. Unlike other cities in this country, this one has quite an interesting indicator in terms of architecture and number of storeys. If all other options for visiting Croatia were very interesting in terms of having the smallest number of high-rise buildings, then in this city the density of two-story and three-storey buildings is much higher than you can imagine. Therefore, the city gets close streets and a special atmosphere of surroundings. This time the camera is located on a high-rise panorama, which allows you to look around the city and try to find a lot of interesting details. The first thing that catches your eye is the abundance of roofs, which now create an umbrella sensation. It is this effect that arose due to the large number of high-rise buildings. But the tallest building by the tradition of Croatia is the church, which is not so high in size, but has a rather high tower. In the rest you have to enjoy a small street, which is located directly under the camera, not so active residents and a beautiful green tree. Despite all the modesty of the details, this city is worthy of your attention and allows you to get a portion of pleasure and pleasure without any problems, as it is possible to simply look at Croatia from a completely different angle. We are sure that the new expanses will leave a piece of memories and will allow us to simply enjoy a pleasant and unique environment in the future. It remains only to gather your thoughts and you can start acting, we are sure that you will succeed and get the desired portion of impressions.

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