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если трансляция не началась, выберите ее в верхнем левом углу

About webcam "Panorama from height" in Buje

Croatia continues to please its beautiful and almost indescribable species. Thanks to the favorable location, beautiful architecture and other positive aspects, almost every city in this country looks beautiful, epic and interesting. Today you have a great opportunity to go to the town called Buje, which gives you the opportunity to carefully observe your streets and just enjoy the pleasant process. The camera lens is directed to the central street, which has almost no features. Here you can watch a few objects, rare cars and people. It remains only to find free time for all this, and you will surely get a better portion of aesthetic pleasure. Do not worry, the camera is available at any time and still has a night vision function.

The best element of this camera is a distant look at the horizon, which allows you to contemplate the roofs of houses and is especially beautiful in this case looks like the sunset or dawn, so you can carefully calculate the time and try to come exactly by the time that is planned for these pleasant events.

I would like to note three trees, which are located strictly under the camera. Most likely, they bear a symbolic meaning and some benefit to the local residents, but to understand this, you just need to be there, but for the time being this is not possible. Therefore, you should simply observe the elements that are available to you and try to extract the maximum of impressions from them. In principle, we are sure. That this camera will bring maximum benefit and allow you to get a lot of fun, you just have to gather your thoughts and relax a little. All this will allow you to get a portion of impressions, for which you actually came here. Enjoy watching!

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