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For beach holiday the majority of tourists used to go to Turkey or Spain, on an exotic island, but there are many other places where you can get high-quality service, warm sun, and to him a cool drink in hand. Croatia is not so far away, so some Russians, and not only began to actively explore travel back to the sea. The tourist business is not brought about in this country a large income to the authorities, but is the place to be, so we recommend you to pay attention to Croatia in the light of a beach holiday. In fact, in this country you can get much more than many, more popular countries. For example, there are clean beaches, the amazing beauty of the sea that is not blue water, but it is a little emerald hue, contrasting with the white sand. Lots of greenery, excellent cuisine and the friendliness of local people is not all that can make you happy in the country. A trip here will be unforgettable, perhaps this country will be associated with a Paradise on earth and you want to re-enter its territory again and again. Webcam that is set, shows the beach, which is always a lot of tourists and local residents and its infrastructure. For around the clock broadcast the picture you can estimate the workload of site during the day to see how caring for the coast. If you are only going to the sea, the webcam is a unique opportunity for you to see how many people are now on the sea, what is the weather near the coast, what is the height of the waves. In addition, the web camera is installed so that it maximally covers the beach, you can see several restaurants, paths for tourists, access to the sea and much more. Useful information is never enough if we talk about the rest in a foreign country, before to buy tickets, it is always better to get ready to leave after not to be disappointed.

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