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After spending a lot of time watching the outskirts of the urban spaces of Croatia, many users wanted to understand how life in these cities is going on, how people and cars look, and just the city entourage began to evoke a lot of attention and interest. Fortunately, we managed to find a similar camera, which is located at the central intersection of a small town called Ivanets. Now each user will have the opportunity to carefully observe how people live there, what they are willing to do and how urban life generally proceeds. Just want to note that the picture that opens to you, quite nice and atmospheric and no worse than all those directions that you could see in other webcams.

Your eyes will open the central crossroads of the city and in spite of the fact that it should be as active as possible, there are not so many cars passing through as people actually pass through. Such an unusual situation is that the town simply has a minimum value and you can see any activity only at the peak of people's return home. We hasten to recommend you pay attention to the far space, where there is a large green park and there is a small temple. You just need to carefully observe it and this process will bring a lot of positive emotions.

In principle, the picture of the urban environment itself offers much more interesting small details, so we suggest you not to waste much time and just start acting. Time observation will not take you much time, but, nevertheless, the process itself will depend on you. Do you want to see a large number of details or just want to take a look at this environment. In general, the choice is yours, we wish you a pleasant viewing!

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