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In addition to the fact that Croatia is quite an interesting and pleasant place, do not forget that there are a lot of different cameras here that allow real-time monitoring of everything that is happening. This time you have the opportunity to go to the town of Nyvica to personally observe the city's embankment. It is located right in the center of the city, and on both sides there are dense urban buildings. In principle, all the cities in Croatia are closely built up, which means saving space. But it is this format that allows you to leave virgin pieces of nature that you can admire all year round. In principle, another look from the camera with a live broadcast will simply observe closely how the coast behaves. Quite an interesting format is presented in terms of design. In the distance, on the right, you can see the city itself, on the side of the web camera, the city is also probably meant, but on the left you can see a dense forest that goes far beyond the horizon. Such an unusual combination of so-called biomes makes it simple with great pleasure to enjoy the local beauties. Therefore, if you are already impatient to personally look at this state of affairs, you can immediately begin to monitor such an interesting and original place. Another recommendation would be to observe the details. Despite the fact that the camera is located quite high and far, all the same you can sometimes see a variety of interesting and interesting small details. For example, sometimes people are walking along the embankment, cars are rushing along the road and even helicopters are flying. Therefore, we suggest that you do not waste much time and just start acting. You will necessarily have a new flurry of emotions and memories that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant observation process. We wish you success and all the best!

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