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If you haven't been in Split, which is located in Croatia on the beach, then you have lost much. Today you can appreciate the beauty of one of its parts, namely the waterfront with palm trees and rows of shopping from the comfort of home, simply turn the stream of the web camera. the picture is served to your device round the clock in real time, so you will be available even the night the beauty of this place. The web camera installed on one of the buildings opposite the entrance to shopping arcades. It covers well on the left of the sea and the area of the city behind him, as well as the promenade, which I love to walk not only tourists but also locals. Here are some of the most popular shopping streets, which in more details you'll be able to be viewed on your computer screen. If you want to fully experience the atmosphere of this place, make louder the sound. The webcam has a unique opportunity, it not just gives you a clear view, but also transmits all sounds, the voices on the promenade.

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