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The territory of some Croatian towns – a real godsend for those who are interested in architecture. Not everyone can afford to arrange a trip into the country, but almost everyone today has a computer or phone, they can watch the online broadcast from Webcams showing different areas. This video was shot from Zadar, the camera goes to the historical architecture and demonstrates a vivid example of what houses remained in operation and has not undergone modern redevelopment. The device delivers broadcast around the clock in real time, the photo quality is excellent. The lens of the web camera enters one of the streets of the city, with buildings standing there. In the main building with the preserved architecture of the past century, the device is close enough to the details object. Broad street and many tourists are the main subject, the webcam does not have the ability to turn the lens so the picture is always served from one angle. Round-the-clock operation of the device provides easy user access to the broadcast at any convenient time for them. This is a unique opportunity to see the country without spending any additional funds. Many users browse the video to get information about the weather conditions in the city, others just wondering what the atmosphere is like in the country. The web camera will help you to choose the place where you want to spend a vacation, except for buildings and monuments of culture in Croatia can please high-quality beaches, warm sea, peace and quiet.

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