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A tawny owl was in 2009-m year elected Estonian ornithological society bird of the year. Since this time we have the opportunity to follow through the web camera for a nesting pair of tawny owl Claus and Clara. We, however, are not sure whether we are already dealing with Klaus and Klara, as on external signs it is impossible to distinguish between birds, settling in the hollow in different years. The average age of the tawny owl grey five years, but the longest-lived in nature, grey owl lived to be fifteen years. The earliest egg in the hollow of the female is demolished on March 1, (2009), and at the latest 6 April (2010). In the past, 2015-th year, the first egg appeared on March 4. Let's hope that our gray owls will nest this year! This year gray grey owl visited her quite often hollow in February, and the female, since March 6, was to remain in the hollow for the night. In previous years, the female began to spend the night in a hollow about a week before the first egg, so there is hope. The strongest storm in Matalasca the reserve three years ago, broke the tree trunk in which was the hollow. The staff of the environmental Board and state forest management Centre has made Clara and Klaus a new home, setting on a nearby growing tree remaining part of the old trunk with a hollow. March 1, 2013 the Estonian ornithological society has established in the top of the little hollow Mobotix infrared camera and infrared light source that enables black and white picture to see at night. Videostream from läänemaa reaches the EENet server in Tartu through connecting firms Televõrk. For more information on all things in the hollow can be found in the news Calendar of nature and on the forum, where observers from all over the world post their observations.

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