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On the territory of Estonia, namely, near the town of Loksa, you can see the bird is an Osprey that lives here and visitors can admire its beauty for local residents. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the country only in order to gain new knowledge about the animal world. Now to see the magnificent spectacle not only coming here, but using a simple home computer or phone capable of taking video signal. The web camera mounted in areas where there are nests of birds almost completely covers their habitat. The best time to view the period of hatching Chicks when the parents teach them is, to fly. These birds are among the species which cannot be seen inside the city, they prefer a more extensive and built-up areas, where you can hunt. To observe their way of life man has created for them an artificial environment, but not in each aviary the bird can feel at home, so it is trying to create nature reserves. The webcam gives you the opportunity to observe these birds during the day, take notes on how to change their behavior and how they behave in small flocks. The webcam works in real mode, day and night, though night time to watch birds is not easy. The rest of the time you can show your child that the most amazing things are around us, just enough to want and your dream will certainly be realized. This and many more travel became possible thanks to human progress, which only moves the nation forward in a relentless pace.

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