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About webcam "Town Hall Hotel de Ville" in the city Amiens

Surely you are already bored in France and want to hurry to go to its expanses to enjoy the unusual atmosphere and architecture. This time we suggest you use the camera that depicts the Hotel de Ville Town Hall in the city of Amiens. Do not be surprised, since you can not even imagine how unique and interesting the opportunity has been to you. After all, this place is truly unique and is located almost in the heart of France. As you have already guessed, you will have the opportunity to carefully study the streets of the administrative building and the hotel, which are connected to each other and represent a closed courtyard. At the jelly you will be surprised by the environment, as, at first it seems that the place resembles the expanse of a shopping center, but do not make mistakes, because the pedestrian zone is so uniquely represented. You only pay attention to the quality of lighting and the cleanliness of the streets. Everything looks so nice that it makes one simply enjoy the atmosphere of a pleasant town. Different lampposts, benches and other elements of the environment make it possible to simply enjoy the atmosphere. Do not ignore the architecture of buildings, which for sure will be an excellent reason for a simple pleasant enjoyment. Pay attention to the roofs, in some places there are illuminated angels. Do not be afraid of the presence of black squares on the windows, as it was done specifically so that the personal life of the inhabitants did not become public. Nobody will like it if anyone is watching the person. Therefore, it is necessary to simply treat this direction with understanding and try not to make hasty conclusions. We wish you a pleasant stay and a great mood!

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