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The Anglet sea resort, located 30 km north of Spain and just a few kilometers from Biarritz, is a real paradise for vacationers. 4.5 km of sand extends on either side of a small seaside town, from the beaches of Biarritz to the beaches of Landa, as well as large stretches of sand along the beautiful promenade that connects Adur (the border with the divisions of Landes and the Pyrenean Atlantic) in the center of Anglet through the dunes and lawns where you can enjoy the sunshine of the Basque coast. In the center of the resort there are many restaurants and entertainment in the summer, as well as a pleasant promenade leading to various Angle beaches (those that pass through the pathways along the dunes or south through the center of the resort). The panorama of the coastal zone allows you to remotely view the advantages of this place, to evaluate it from a bird's eye view. The webcam with round-the-clock translation works in real time mode, the picture quality is excellent. The various beaches of Anglet are illuminated through it. From here you can not see. but in summer a large area is controlled by rescuers, as the ocean can be rough despite the construction of several dams that break the waves.

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