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Considering that in France there are a lot of different mountainous places, it is not surprising that ski resorts meet quite often. For example, the next resort is Ventoux, which is not located high in the mountains, but similarly in demand for pokatushki among tourists. True, we immediately hasten to note that now in this part of France a rather warm time of the day, so the snow has already melted. Therefore, there is no special activity in this place, but the trees will start to blossom and the grass will grow, which will beautify the environment and allow you to enjoy a pleasant environment. In the distance, you can see a hill on which the main ski slope is located. On the sides it is strewn with trees, which form an insurmountable cover of the forest. Snow will remain there forever, but the foot is clearly not suitable for pokatushek. A mixture of dirt and slush made from the place a simple pleasant park. By the way, the camera does not cover the entire resort, for example, if the camera showed the area to the right, then you would see how active and interesting the resort is. It only shows its old part and entry. Do not consider it abandoned and unclaimed. The only activity that is observed here is people and cars that cross the place from below along the road. We recommend that you mark this camera and be sure to look at how the environment will change in the summer. Everything will be strewn with green grass, and the forest will become more dense. The place will turn into a pleasant park, which will be full of greenery and cleanliness. It will be a great place for walking and rest, but for now only future beauty is being formed here. It remains only to observe what is happening and wait for the place to turn into a paradise. Do not worry, wait is not so long. We wish you a pleasant viewing!

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