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We try not to waste much time and suggest to visit the expanses of France again. However, this time we will not drive you to the center of the country and watch the spacious megacities. This time you will have the opportunity to visit the town called Cabourg, which offers not only a beautiful environment, but even the shore of the Strait, which connects the North sea and the Atlantic ocean. Simply connect the webcam to the seafront in Cabourg. This camera is located in such a way that gives to observe the panorama of the embankment, so a fairly wide area of the territory will be available for viewing. The main thing is to find some free time and patience, as there are only rare people and waves of activity. But it is worth noting that, despite the harsh climate, the webcam of the waterfront in the city of kabur indicates the presence of a summer cafe, the site of which is located on the left. It remains only to think how such a strong wind from the Strait does not blow away all the accessories and the tables themselves. Similarly, it can be noted that in front of the beach, which is constantly cleaned and ennobled tractor. Do not wait for the avid bathers, as it is still the water of the North sea, it just will not please the warm waves. In General, we can note a pretty nice and beautiful view. Peace will be the only entertainment, which, in fact, is required of this kind. Webcam waterfront in the city of kabur is available in any time, but to monitor still better in the daytime. The fact is that in this place there is no lighting, so not to sit and look at the black screen, try to calculate the time. We wish you good luck and just good mood. Kabur is quite a little-known town, so we recommend not to lose the opportunity to see how it looks.

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